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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Oh God Why ==

Becoming a temporary teacher has become a trend....LOL
2 of the 菜鸟s are also becoming a teacher now....
At first....
hehe...what we think...
teacher...half day periodsssss...(because we envied our secondary teachers so much last time)
The first day.....
“这位老师,校长叫你crop 这整本booklet的kata kerja 的图片,还有要写意思在图画下面......”said by LE WILD APPEARED STRANGER ==
when i looked at the booklet....i was like :WT!!!!!!
a brief description about the booklet
- consists of about 40 pages
- each page has an average of 10 pictures
- some of the pictures have more than 2 kata kerja
- 2 weeks later,another WILD STRANGER APPEARED and said "这位老师,校长说每个kata kerja 下面要有bina ayat ...." Hmm...NOT much at all...just about 400 sentences nia..=) (=.=)

The most evil teachers I ever met....bully new colleague this way...

Everyday's routine....
SHOUT like a SIAO POH....
Then I realize how noble my primary teachers are.....TT (I love you teacher!sorry for those stupid stuffs that i had done)
The classes that I take over are below average classes....they never interest in what I am talking about...or maybe they do not even bother if I were there also...='(
BO HUAT!!!!! They are the BOSSESS!!!!
Headmaster said teachers should not beat students,if not parents will complain....
I was like: Dafuq!O.O
when i was a little dad will be very furious if i were beaten by teacher...
He would scold me the whole day and threatened me not to repeat again,or i will kena hammer...=.=
haizzz......MY GENERATION!!!!! bo huat!....'old people ka pai mia'

Parents!!!Why u no pity teachers??

Stress Out....

Luckily the school that 菜鸟 is teaching now is my own primary school....=D
The place where I met wonderful peopleSSSS and friends last time....^^
So I must TOLERATE!!!!!

Hope you all can still hear from us soon because we cant guarantee we will still be able to survive through those crazy GINAS!!

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