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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dim Sum Buffet at Sime darby CC x)

Last Friday (after finishing mid sem exam)

菜鸟二 & housemates went 2 China Treasure Restaurant in Sime Darby Convention Centre to have dim sum buffet..

And made the restaurant to rugi almost RM200..
muahahaha *evil laugh*

Y leh?? hiak hiak hiak..

We bought five RM28 mia Everyday coupon b4 we went there.. And it helped us to save a lot because five of us actually spent about RM300 (or more than that.. hee) 4 that buffet..

WE HAD ORDERED ABOUT 50 TYPES OF DIM SUM!!!! n there were just 5 of us.. Girls' stomachs.... Lol.. unbelievable leh xP

My dear housemates were craving for egg tarts!!!

N i was in charge of all the fried thingy.. hee xD

But hor........

The dim sum there are really so so nia lor.. We definitely wont go there for 2nd time liao..

Cz Penang 1 better.. XDXD

The only remarkable thing was that we got to sit in a personal room,
not sharing with other people..

After we ordered for 3rd round, the waitress even stood there staring at us while we were eating..

It seemed like she didn't believe that we can actually finish all..

And she made us very annoyed n beh song for that.. We went to complain and had accepted apology from the people in charge..

*waving customers' right flag* yay!!

We qiak leh.. hehe xD

We went to lepak in KL pavilion after that.. N the 5 of us cnt walk with our backs straight because we were too fulllllllll...... x)

Before going back KTT, we went to Snowflake and ate til very full again..

But this time,
we enjoyed a lot coz the desserts were very yummy n refreshing xD

*thumb up*