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Friday, January 7, 2011

cinderella? cinderACTla!

Don't worry....

菜鸟is here not to telling story on cinderella

but is cinderACTla.....

the story of cinderella everyone shoud have known it very very well d

but what about the story of cinderactla----cinderella's neighbour?


菜鸟 quite sure that all of u never heard of this yet lorh....

ok...story time.....

Once upon a time, there was a girl named cinderactla living beside cinderella's house.

However, cinderactla wasn't as pretty as cinderella.

In fact, she had a very nerd appearance -- wearing a pair of spectacles, had carpet of pimples, and pin up her hair

(mayb looks something like this xD)

Like cinderella, cinderactla had a very fierce step-mother who always scolded her and asked her to do this do that.

But cinderactla never feel upset over these things. She can always finished her works very quickly and sometimes can even do some part-time jobs in cinderella''s house!

One day, a letter sent from the palace inviting eveyone to attend the ball organized by the PRINCE in the palace.

Cinderactla was very happy. She bought some clothes and decided to make herself a dress to attend the ball.

On the night, she took a bus and attend the party in the palace.

After she arrived, she met a boy.....hehe....mian kia.... he wasn't the prince. He was the prince's brother.

The prince's brother, like cinderactla, wearing a pair of spectacles and had carpet of pimples

Both of them talked for a while at the corner.

Before 12 o'clock arrived, cinderactla took a bus and went back to her house.

After the ball, prince's brother went to cinderactla's house and proposed marriage.

Since then, cinderactla and prince's brother lived happily ever after.

The story of cinderactla teaches us need to at least communicate with your partner and know ur partner well b4 marriage....

Because cinderella divorce with the prince at the end of story of cinderella whereas cinderACTla don't...!!!! XDXDXD

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