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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Danbo... story of the cardboard box cutie!! xD


They're turning up everywhere...

Danbo 1st appeared in the Japanese manga Yotsubato! Volume 5 Ch. 28 written/drawn by Kiyohiko Azuma...

And now it becomes so so so sososososososo popular all over the world...

Danbo cutie!!!! Love you... Chubi nia xD

Hehe... let me tell u a secret story of Danbo now.... sssSSShhhHHH

Danbo loves Domo-kun.... xD
It decides to play a piano love song for Domo on their anniversary...

But Danbo does not have a piano...
So it sneaked into someone's house to learn to play the piano song..

Very unluckily, Danbo's being locked up after being discover by the master of the house =(

After being released, Danbo decides 2 study hard for the bright future of Domokun n itself

But studying is way too boring... So Danbo has a new interest... Photographing!!! =)

In the end, on their anniversary party, Danbo decides to play guitar for its beloved Domo...

N they live happily ever after.... XDXD

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